How to clean your indoor green plants?

How to clean your indoor green plants?

You are used to regularly wiping your furniture and knick-knacks to remove dust, but do you also think about cleaning your indoor green plants from time to time?

How to clean your indoor green plants?

Beyond the fact that dust is not very aesthetic on your plants, it is especially necessary to clean the leaves for the well-being of your plants. It is indeed through their leaves that your plants "breathe" and that photosynthesis takes place. Here are some effective cleaning methods that are safe for your plants.

The soft, damp cloth

Take a soft cloth, dampen it with non-calcareous water – rainwater will be fine – and run your cloth over the top and under the leaves. For green plants with large leaves, it's very easy, a little more tedious for those with small leaves, downy leaves, and it becomes almost impossible for your cacti. The second method will then be more suitable.

Outside in the rain

If you have a balcony, a window sill or a garden, take your green plants out on a fine rainy day, when the temperature will be neither too cold nor too hot (between 18 and 24°) and the sun will be hidden.

Be careful though, despite a cloudy veil, the sun's rays can be strong and burn your plant as quickly as you would get sunburned: do not leave them outside for a whole day.

If the weather is stormy, do not try the experiment. Too much rain could damage your plant.

In the shower or the garden jet set to "rain"

Alternatively, use your shower, taking care not to set it too high and above all to ensure that the water is at room temperature. The garden jet, again provided that you set the spray gun to "rain", can do the trick.

What you should avoid...

The goal is to make your plant thrive and "feel" good, that's when it will look its best. Don't try to scour it or shine it like you would your silverware. The "special liquids" of the trade, milk, beer, olive oil, or even glycerin are certainly not the most suitable means!

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