8 Effective Tips for Healthy Hair Growth

8 Effective Tips for Healthy Hair Growth

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Desperate to wait for your hair to grow for beautiful long hair? You're not alone! We all end up getting impatient in front of the mirror sooner or later.

Are there any tricks that really work to make hair grow faster? To demystify the truth from the myths among all the circulating tips, we went to Justin Voss, hairstylist and co-owner of CAJH salon in Montreal. Right off the bat, he tells us that there is no magical recipe. It all comes down to healthy hair and good daily care.

Fortunately, we can still give our hair a boost to be in the best possible condition to promote their growth.

Here are 8 tricks that really work for healthy and growing hair:

1. Regularly Trim Your Ends

To have healthy hair that grows more easily, it is important to regularly trim your ends. "No need to cut a lot," says Justin Voss. "But you should at least refresh the cut."

Because when the ends are damaged, they weaken the hair and tend to split or break. Hair also becomes less beautiful and tangles more easily.

2. Do Scalp Massages

"A very simple trick that really works is to do scalp massages," says Justin Voss. "By massaging the scalp with your fingers, you activate the blood circulation in the head and neck, thus promoting hair growth."

3. Take Vitamin Supplements

Having healthy hair also involves exercise, a healthy lifestyle, and a good diet. In addition, you can also use vitamin supplements.

Vitamins B, B6, B8 (biotin), iron, and zinc are excellent options to promote good hair health. Brewer's yeast, which is available in tablet form, also helps strengthen the hair.

4. Use Products Suitable for Your Hair

It is important to choose products that are suitable for your hair type. You don't choose the same products if you have colored, curly, fine, thick, or oily hair. "Professional products found in salons are generally of better quality," confirms Justin Voss.

Similarly, choose products based on your habits. If you use a hairdryer or flat iron, for example, make sure to use a heat protectant cream.

5. Apply Hair Masks

Hair masks, which are applied on a weekly basis, are also excellent for strengthening the hair.

Homemade recipes, such as a mixture of olive oil and egg, or this avocado-honey hair mask recipe, work very well. Coconut milk is also very beneficial for the hair.

6. Use Essential Oils

Another effective trick to strengthen the hair and stimulate circulation is to add a few drops of lavender and orange essential oils to your shampoo. "Apply the mixture to your hair and leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing," explains Justin Voss.

Tea tree essential oil can also be used if you have dandruff or scalp problems.

7. Brush Your Hair 50 to 100 Times a Day

We would have thought it was a myth, but on the contrary, the brush can greatly help, assures Justin Voss. Brushing your hair 50 to 100 times in a row, for example, in the evening before going to bed, revitalizes the hair naturally, stimulates blood circulation, and removes impurities accumulated during the day.

8. Take Care of Your Hair While Sleeping

If your hair is dry or tends to tangle during the night, it is advisable to change your pillowcases to silk ones, a softer fabric for the hair.

If you have long hair, you can also braid it, avoiding tightening it too much, before going to bed to prevent tangling and minimize breakage.

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