10 green plants for your well-being

10 green plants for your well-being

green plants,10 green plants for your well-being

Bring lush greenery into your home. Green plants have a beneficial effect on your morale, which, it must be said, is not at its best in the winter!

1. The Anthurium


Its large green leaves dress up the room, and the large colored spathes of its flowers add an extra touch. A plant that will occupy advantageously the bathroom for its warm and humid air (for the smallest subjects) or the living room (for the biggest subjects).

Did you know that? During laboratory studies, it showed capacities to capture in its tissues compounds released by resins, paints, glues, and cigarettes... However, no study in real-life situations proved its effectiveness to clean the air in our interiors.

2. The Areca


Its light and vaporous foliage easily finds its place in the living room. During laboratory studies, it has demonstrated its ability to capture the emissions of open fireplaces, wax and wood varnishes from floors and furniture, and room fragrances such as incense and candles (no study has proven its effectiveness in real life).

3. The Croton


Its large, colorful leaves do not make it go unnoticed in a well-lit room of the house.

4. The Cycas


A primitive plant with a thick trunk covered with scales and prints on old leaves. It reminds me of a palm tree without being one. It will find its place in the living room, in front of a bay window, or under the veranda.

5. The Dracaena


Not requiring a lot of sunlight, this beautiful slender plant will please you in the living room, bedroom, or office.
Qualified as a depolluting plant, it has shown during studies in a laboratory or under a controlled environment the capacity to capture in its tissues the gases released by glues, inks, felt pens, markers, carpets and textiles, computer equipment, and printed papers. However, this ability has not been proven in real-life situations.

6. Ficus ginseng

Ficus ginseng

A false bonsai with aerial roots is easy to prune. It needs a place in the middle of the shade and will be perfect in the living room or the office.

7. The Ivy


A resistant plant, which is content with little light, even tolerates full shade. It finds its place in any room of the house: the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office, or living room...

8. The Boston fern

Boston fern

This plant gives an immediate lush effect to the living room, bedroom, and bathroom. During laboratory studies, it has shown an ability to capture in its tissues gasses emitted by hygiene and domestic products, solvents, and deodorants (no study has scientifically proven its effectiveness in real life).

9. The Schefflera


It looks like a small tree; it is also called an umbrella tree, with its clump of compact leaves at the top of pretty interlaced stems. In the sun or half-shade, it can be placed in the kitchen, the living room, the office, or the bathroom.

10. Spathiphyllum


for lush vegetation, in a well-lit room of the house.

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