Removing candle wax, easy tips

Removing candle wax, easy tips

Removing candle wax, easy tips

How to remove candle wax easily?  Romantic evenings, candlelit dinners, birthday cakes... all good opportunities to accidentally drop candle wax on the floor!

Fortunately, it is possible to remove this wax with a few simple tricks. So here are my 10 tips and tricks for removing candle wax.

1.Removing wax from tiles

It's common to get candle wax on tile or ceramic.

Here's how to remove it: 

Heat some white vinegar and soak a rag in the solution.

Place the hot vinegar cloth directly on the candle wax.

Let it sit on the tile for a few moments and rub to remove the wax.

You can also use the back of a spoon to rub and loosen the candle wax on the tile more easily.

2. Removing candle wax from wood

If you've accidentally left candle wax on wood, furniture or flooring, here's how to remove it effectively.

Take an ice cube and rub the wax to harden it quickly.

Gently scrape the hardened wax with a spoon or other utensil (be careful not to scratch the wood).

Then rub with a cloth and wood oil to remove the wax residue.

Unfortunately the heat from the candle wax can cause a white stain on wood, so be careful with the heat.

3. Candle wax on fabric

If you've just stained a fabric, garment or tablecloth with candle wax here's the best trick to get it all off.

Use the back of a metal spoon and scrape off the excess candle wax.

Sprinkle talcum powder to cover the entire wax stain and place paper towels on top of the talc.

Run a hot iron over the paper towel to remove the wax.

The heat from the iron will cause the candle wax to stick to the paper towel.

4. Candle wax on carpet and rugs

If you move a candle and unfortunately you drop hot wax on the carpet or rug you need to act fast!

Here's how to remove candle wax from a carpet:

Use a metal knife or spoon and remove the excess wax.

Place 2 layers of paper towels on the wax stain and heat with a hair dryer.

The hot air from the hair dryer will cause the candle wax to stick to the paper towel, similar to the ironing tip.

5. Remove candle wax from glass

Once the candle is completely burned out it can be interesting to recover the glass or holder used for the candle.

Here is how to remove all the wax from the glass container:

Allow the candle to cool to room temperature and then place the glass in the freezer.

Leave in the freezer for 1 to 2 hours so that the wax is cold, even frozen.

Use a kitchen knife and remove the wax stuck to the bottom of the glass container.

Use a paper towel with white vinegar to scrub off any remaining wax residue.

6. Removing candle wax from concrete

Whether it's on a kitchen countertop, floor, deck or concrete slab, here's how to quickly remove that candle wax.

But be careful, no matter what the concrete surface is better to wait until the candle wax hardens before attempting to remove it because you risk spreading it further.

Here's how to remove it all:

Allow the wax stain to harden (you can cool it with an ice cube to make it faster).

Scrape the wax with a knife or the back of a spoon.

Rub with a cloth and a little scouring cream to remove all traces of wax.

Rinse with a damp cloth and let dry to finish.

7. Candle wax stain on plastic

No matter what the plastic surface, here's a quick and easy trick to remove candle wax:

Scrape and remove excess wax with the back of a metal spoon.

Rub the remaining wax with steel wool and liquid dish soap.

Rinse the plastic with a cloth and water to complete the cleaning.

8. Candle wax on marble

Did your beautiful candle just drip wax on your marble countertop or floor?

Here's how to remove candle wax from marble:

Let the wax harden and scrape off the excess with a metal spoon.

Mix a little water with baking soda and rub the remaining wax residue with a cloth or sponge.

Be careful not to scratch or damage marble or other natural stone surfaces with an excessively abrasive solution.

9. Prevent candle wax stains

Of course the best thing to do now that you know how to clean candle wax is to prevent this type of stain.

Here are a few tips and actions to stop dropping hot wax:

Never move a candle that is burning or still hot.

Prefer the use of large candles rather than long, thin ones.

Always have a holder that fits the shape and size of the candle.

Place the holder and the candle in a dish or saucer.

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