Twin Sisters Married Twin Brothers, But No One Expected To Learn About Their Children

Twin Sisters Married Twin Brothers, But No One Expected To Learn About Their Children

Twin Sisters Married Twin Brothers, But No One Expected To Learn About Their Children,your health, harbouchanews

The doctor took a look at the results and couldn't stop looking at them. How was this possible? He then checked the other data to see if the results were the same. It hadn't changed anything. The twins could only be spectators of this situation, while the health professional was captivated by what he saw. After a bit of waiting, the doctor finally turned to the sisters. Disbelief was written on his face. He was clearly shocked by what he had just found out, which only worried them. But there was nothing they could do but listen to what he had to say to them ...

They had a strong bond

Brittany and Briana Deane are twin sisters who considered each other true best friends. But it's not at all uncommon to hear of twins or twins who are figuratively tied at the hip. Even though they've always been close, there are some things they liked to keep a secret. When it came to romantic relationships, for example, they only spoke of them if it was serious. It worked out well for them, but maybe they should have confided in this particular relationship earlier ...

They are not the same person

Twin Sisters Married Twin Brothers, But No One Expected To Learn About Their Children,your health, harbouchanews

Even though they are the same on the outside, they are both different people. Briana and Brittany had different interests, dislikes, and personalities. A good example is the way they react to air travel. Brittany likes it, but Briana, on the other hand, doesn't like this mode of transportation at all. This difference did not make it easy to go on vacation together. Although they have different personalities, they both have been linked by certain things in the past.

A difficult childhood

Brittany still remembers the health problems they both had when they were young. She still talks about how difficult it was to breathe back then. Apart from that, they also suffered from various pains. Their parents did not understand and even attacked the doctors for failing to detect what was happening. As a result of this bad experience, they have also developed a real distrust of health professionals. As you can imagine, this trauma made things much more difficult for them as adults.

They had their own secrets

Briana had asked Brittany to come with her to a twin festival in Ohio. It was there that she met Josh Salyers, who also had a twin, Jeremy. At the time, she had no idea Josh was going to become her husband. At the same time, Jeremy had met Brittany. Things got serious for Briana and Josh soon after. She didn't immediately tell her sister though, but what she didn't know was that Brittany also had a secret!

It was as if fate had interfered

Twin Sisters Married Twin Brothers, But No One Expected To Learn About Their Children,your health, harbouchanews

Soon after, Briana finally decided to open up about her relationship. Brittany was then happy to learn that she was in a relationship with Josh. When she heard this good news, she too decided to share her secret with her sister. It was then that Brittany confided that she was also seeing a man… Not only was she in a relationship, but she was actually dating Jeremy!

Under the same roof

The two twin sisters were so excited when they shared their stories! They began to talk about marriage and to imagine sharing a house between the four of them. Brittany and Briana wanted to stay close, no matter what. Now that they were dating twins, it seemed even more possible. “We know for a fact that we are eccentric, socially speaking of course,” Briana said in an interview. But before they could achieve their dreams, they first had to do something in particular ...

Go to the hospital

The two sisters were not fans of either doctors or hospitals. That's why they decided to talk to a midwife about their plans first, even if they ended up talking to a doctor. They weren't happy to have to come to this, but there was no realistic way around the problem. One of the reasons they didn't like hospitals was that they always had a bunch of sad things going on there. As the doctor introduced himself to them, they immediately knew he had bad news for them.

He warned them of what could be going on

Twin Sisters Married Twin Brothers, But No One Expected To Learn About Their Children,your health, harbouchanews

Brittany and Briana had come to talk about their fertility and their chances of having children. At the time, they were both approaching their 40s. Of course, they hoped that everything was going well with them to fulfill their dream of starting a family. When the doctor learned that their partners were also twins, he had something important to tell them. They were initially happy and relieved to learn that they were both fertile. However, the medical professional warned them: he didn't think it was good to start a family each with their current partner. You might as well tell you right away that the twins decided to ignore this warning.

Two marriage proposals at once

Jeremy and Josh were always in cahoots, and this time was no exception. The two men wanted to ask their girlfriends in marriage, at the same time! It was a good way to show that they would all stay close no matter what. As you can see, they've really done everything with their sibling from the start. Once married, the two couples bought a house together and lived happily together. Even so, Briana still had in mind what the doctor had told them and her sister.

Their incredible marriage

Brittany and Briana made headlines when news about the double engagement leaked. Well yes, who could resist the urge to tell a story like this? This is the first time we've heard of twins marrying twins! The story went viral in no time. And more than that, TLC offered to pay for the wedding if the network was then allowed to broadcast the event.

A very exciting event

Twin Sisters Married Twin Brothers, But No One Expected To Learn About Their Children,your health, harbouchanews

On the day of the wedding, Briana couldn't help but cry. It was already a special day in itself, but it was even more meaningful since she got to share it with her twin sister. It wasn't long before they both became pregnant with their first child. Unfortunately, their happiness did not last long. Indeed, reality soon hit them in the face.

Something was wrong

Briana had sensed that something was wrong about her pregnancy. Yet she had tried to relegate him to the background, and hide it deep in her mind. At the time, she couldn't help but wonder if they had been wrong with her sister ignoring the doctor's warnings. Maybe they should have taken his advice seriously, but they had been so miserable to hear what he had told them at the time. However, it obviously seems that his anxieties only got more serious after what happened next.

They refused to give up

After three months of pregnancy, Brittany miscarries. Her sister was four weeks less pregnant and feared she would go through the same thing at the same stage. It made sense since their bodies were identical. Unfortunately, his fears were not unfounded. Also at this stage of pregnancy, three months old, she also lost her baby. It was not easy for them to go through this tragedy. Despite this, they had no intention of giving up their dream!

Give them even more warnings

Less than a year later, the two sisters were once again expecting a child. The good news is that there were no issues with the twins' pregnancies this time around. They were more often checked with their doctor, to make sure nothing would go wrong. However, they received another warning from the healthcare professional. He pointed out that this was a case he had never seen: twins pregnant with twins, and since that was the case he really didn't know what could happen to the children.

They ignored what he said

Twin Sisters Married Twin Brothers, But No One Expected To Learn About Their Children,your health, harbouchanews

The doctor looked at them and sighed. He then addressed Briana and Brittany in these terms: "Ladies, I thought I told you to come and consult me ​​before deciding to start a family." Briana felt a lump of anger rise inside her. She replied, “No, you told our mother that." For this answer, he shook his head and opened their file.

She couldn't believe it

The file was full of their medical history. The doctor discussed with them the tests that would need to be done, the prenatal preparation and their health. He peppered the conversation with a bunch of words from medical jargon. This only frustrated Briana. She didn't like being advised not to have children. At this point, she is about to argue with a health professional. That feeling dissipated when he broke the news that followed ...

Passing on their problematic genes to children

The doctor spoke of the genetic problems they had suffered from in the past. On top of that, he mentioned that tests for their spouses are still pending. The doctor feared the children would inherit the same genetic problems the twins had when they were young. Their babies could get sick for the same reasons they had been.

For better preparation

“This is obviously your body and your choice,” the doctor told the sisters, “I just wish you had come here so that we could better prepare ourselves. ". In the end, he just told them, “Now all we can do is watch your two pregnancies closely and be careful. ". It was too much for Briana, who couldn't help but burst into tears.

New information

Twin Sisters Married Twin Brothers, But No One Expected To Learn About Their Children,your health, harbouchanews

Briana didn't like going to the hospital, but she knew she couldn't avoid it. After all, it was important if she wanted to make sure her child would be okay. You see, every child is a real mix of genetic characteristics. And the two couples were faced with founding a new set from the genes of twins exclusively.

An incredible discovery

On the two sisters' next visit to the doctor, the doctor couldn't help but look at the pictures in her hands. After taking a look, he checked the twins' medical records and blood tests. He was surprised by what he found there. Briana and Brittany got to see how restless he was as he compared the scans and tests of the young women.

The great revelation

The twins closed their eyes. Both were seated on the ultrasound table. Briana then asked the doctor, "Is everything okay?" ". The doctor paused for a moment, his eyes widened, he didn't seem to believe it. He let out a sigh and walked over to the table. The twins were worried about the way the doctor was acting. It was clear that he had crucial news for them. Everyone in the room was shocked at the news of what the doctor said to them afterwards.

They won't be cousins

The doctor took a seat right next to Briana and Brittany. It was time to tell them the news that had shaken him so much just before. But what did he see in the test results so amazing? Well, that was the kind of thing that caused the doctor to warn them in the first place. It was obvious to think that the twin sisters' babies were going to be cousins. After all, their parents are siblings. But it turned out that it wasn't exactly going to be the case this time around.

But they are brothers and sisters

But what the hell were they going to be if they weren't cousins? Technically, they would still be cousins. But in terms of their genes, they would rather be biological brothers and sisters, in their own right! Isn't that fascinating? The doctor explained to them: “For a gynecologist, it's like winning the lottery. It really is that rare! ". We have absolutely no doubts! When the two couples heard this news, they could not help but be delighted.

Smile about it all

At this point, there was little else the two couples could do but smile. Brittany and Briana, relieved, went to rest together. Obviously, digesting such news is much easier when your best friend is going through the same thing as you. The two sisters experienced a complicit pregnancy, during which they even shared the same desires! a ton of pickles and Starburst candy.

It was time to meet them

At eight months and two weeks pregnant, labor had begun for Briana. For her part, her sister saw her water pouch rupture only a few hours after that! Unfortunately, the two sisters were in two different wards for the delivery. Briana was squeezing her mate's hand tightly as she pushed to deliver her child. What a relief when she heard her baby cry!